Sligo Regional Sports Centre

Customer Charter

Our Promise To You

Sligo Regional Sports Centre strives to exceed customers’ expectations, providing value for money in a warm, friendly environment. We are committed to delivering an efficient and personable, modern welcome; a flexible service to suit the needs of our customers.

Sligo Regional Sports Centre aims to:

• Operate in a safe and efficient environment

• Provide an efficient and productive administration that delivers excellent customer care that is responsive, accessible, and inclusive.

• Promote an innovative, vibrant, and thriving facility with infrastructure that is both well maintained and appropriately regulated.

• Lead and work with our community to achieve a rapid transition to an environmentally sustainable facility.

• Encourage active community engagement in decision-making.

• Advocate for equity and social inclusion and always act responsibly in the best interest of the whole area.

Sligo Regional Sports Centre Will:

  • Value and serve our diverse community.
  • Treat customers with respect and courtesy.
  • Ensure customers receive excellent service each time.
  • Value customer privacy and treat personal information confidentially.
  • Be attentive to customer needs and expectations.
  • Work together with shared responsibility to achieve quality customer
    service outcomes.
  • Welcome customer input and suggestions to assist us to continuously
    improve our performance.
  • Address customer concerns through a fair and open process.

We Will Always ensure That:

• We provide a wide variety of sports and physical activity opportunities.
• We provide the same level of service to all our customers regardless of age,
race, ability, or gender.
• We assist and develop Sports Clubs by offering advice, training
opportunities and network of local contacts.
• A wide range of opportunities is provided to improve the health and well-
being of all residents in the area.
• Our facilities, programmes and activities are designed to be accessible to
people with a range of abilities.
• We work with communities to establish effective partnerships in the delivery
of sport and physical activity programmes that meet the needs and wishes of
local people.

Evaluating and improving our performance

Sligo Regional Sports Centre uses customer satisfaction surveys, community engagement and other means to collect feedback from customers. 

Your feedback helps us to monitor and improve our service levels. 

Feedback can be offered through the following means:


(071) 9160539

In Person

Sligo Regional Sports Centre Reception